"Jessica Hynes
emerges triumphant"


Standing up to her toughest opponent yet

... Herself

Labour ...

…  of love for writer/director Jessica Hynes, ‘THE FIGHT is not a boxing film in the traditional sense’, she says, ‘although I very much enjoy them and have been inspired by the many boxing films I have seen over the years, I wanted to make one about someone like me – a middle aged woman with children trying to keep things together.  It’s a family drama with warmth, humour, and an amateur boxing theme.’



… in the film is fighting some kind of personal battle, the histories and connections of the characters are woven as chaotically and truthfully as possible in an attempt to try and tell a traditional story of triumph over adversity in an original and complex way.

Boxing Clever

Jessica Hynes not only had all the writing and directing to in line with her leading role, she also trained a lot. The physical aspect wasn’t completely new to her, however, “I’ve been doing a bit of boxing here and there for ages” states Hynes. Plus, before production started, Hynes “did some training with Cathy Tyson…so we could perform it all on camera”.