Pink Wall is a modern day romance, following the six year relationship of Jenna (Tatiana Maslany) and Leon (Jay Duplass). Intimately told through defining moments along their journey together, the film explores how both friendship and resentments grow as the pressures of adult life confront them.

“I really liked it. This decade’s Blue Valentine. Exhausting and intoxicating in equal measure.”


“raw, bleeding, and explosively truthful, with knockout performances."

Tim Robey • Telegraph

“Affecting, heartbreaking and honest. An astonishing directorial debut from Cullen. Maslany is magnetic.”

Anna Wilczek • Film Stories

“Stylistically enterprising, emotionally devastating.”

trevor johnston • SIGHT & SOUND

“Unvarnished honesty that’s rare to see on screen.” ★★★★

David Ehrlich • indiewire

“Two best performances I’ve seen this year. Maslany and Duplass are masterful.” ★★★★

chicago independent film critics

“This is a film that’s authenticity and power will break your heart.”

Kevin wozniak • kevflix

“Cullen’s woozy and ultra-watchable debut plunges straight into the heart”