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Pinpoint distributes groundbreaking British independent films from emerging talent primarily within the UK and Ireland.

Pinpoint’s latest UK release is Good Posture, a striking writer/director debut by Dolly Wells.

Our mission ...

is to champion  and promote emerging filmmaking talent and bring these new voices firstly to cinemagoers, and then to a wider audience through digital, home entertainment and TV distribution and wherever we can make them heard.

In 2019 alone ...

highly acclaimed directing debuts from actors Jessica Hynes for The Fight, Dolly Wells for Good Posture and Tom Cullen for the Bafta Cymru-nominated Pink Wall, demonstrate that true talent can excel in more than one discipline when given the opportunity.

Representation matters ...

We have ensured that the work of women editors, Directors of Photography, in the 1st AD role and as Line Producers as first time Heads of Department is similarly lauded and applauded.

Biffy Clyro ...

who, embracing uncharted territory for them, wrote the original film soundtrack for Balance, Not Symmetry. The films we distribute all universally support new singers, songwriters, composers and performers in providing fresh emotional heartbeats for the screen.

Stellar British Cast…​

We are also delighted that our film productions have attracted some of the UK’s most established and revered actors, including Joanna Scanlon, Toby Jones, Anne Reid, Emily Mortimer and Jessica Hynes.

Pinpoint is proud ...

to have given some of independent film’s most exciting rising stars an opportunity to make their mark in their filmmaking firsts, demonstrated so well by Double Date actor-writer Danny Morgan and Pin Cushion writer-director Deborah Haywood.

These are ...

by no means the last of our firsts, so please check back regularly or sign up to our Newsletter to  receive the latest Pinpoint news.

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Every one of our contributing team members is devoted to delivering the finest in independent British & US filmmaking.


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